During this dynamicc exploration of another aspect of Tech Comm Suite 4, learn how to:

  • use Adobe Captivate to quickly create interactive eLearning.
  • Then you’ll learn how import the published Captivate content into a print document created with Adobe FrameMaker. From there, you’re just a few clicks away from creating an interactive PDF. But what if you want to maintain the print attributes of the FrameMaker document? The eLearning lessons won’t work should the document be printed.
  • You’ll learn to create conditions that will automatically hide the eLearning lessons and repaginate the document should you need to create a print version of your documentation.
  • Need to create the PDF with the eLearning lessons? No problem. You’ll learn how easy it is to rely on conditions to take care of that for you.

ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Kevin Siegel is founder of IconLogic and develops courseware for Adobe RoboHelp and many other Adobe products. He distributes his courseware using the ePUB format and is based near Baltimore, Maryland (